Historic Drop In Global Temperatures Has Begun Exactly As Predicted

The recent April to June drop in global temperatures has once again confounded the global warming community. They could not explain the spike in temperatures 2015-2016 and now that global temps have begun to plummet exactly as I predicted in the "Commentary" on this web site, they are once more left holding the bag.

According to Dr. Roy Spencer (UAH) the two month May to June drop is the steepest in 37 years, and it has only just begun in my opinion.

Significant declines in total solar irradiance and sunspots that have seen numerous days in June and July with "zero" sunspot readings further supporting the prediction for one of the largest drops in global temperatures for 2016.

This compares with continued widely missed US government and UN-IPCC forecasts along with the print media like the Scientific American who have said they are "99% sure" that 2016 will be the warmest year on record. Another blown prediction by those who simply refuse to accept the reality that the Sun controls the Earth's climate and not mankind.

Because they don't understand what causes climate variation, they will continue to stumble blindly into an uncertain future.

John L. Casey

July 13, 2016

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