Veritence Mission + Approach

The mission of Veritence, Inc. is

to provide consulting advice and related

services to the government, business

community, and the general public in its

areas of expertise. These areas include

climate science, space programs and

space policy, geophysics, and

management advice in complex

scientific and engineering projects.


John L. Casey
Veritence, Inc.

Dear Friends,

As of September 24,2017,

I am still in the hospital undergoing treatment and rehabilitation therapy for a major stroke I had two weeks ago.

Please hang in there with me while

I take the next year to recover the use of the left side of my body and other basic functions which were lost because of the stroke. Realistically, my ability to continue climate research and related work has to be suspended for an indeterminate length of time.

Best Regards,John Casey

  New Zealand Earthquake Status.

Similar to Iceland, The earthquake and volcano active nation of New Zealand was the focus of new research documented in the New Concepts in Global Tectonics (NCGT) Journal's June 2017 issue. See it at

                           More News in the Geophysical World!

The International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center (IEVPC) has done it again with two correctly predicted catastrophic earthquakes in New Zealand and Kamchatka, Siberia (Russia). See the press release at

The IEVPC has been predicting major earthquakes since 2012 yet the US government says no one can predict quakes. Why the 'head in the sand" by the US government?

The United States Has Entered a Period of Catastrophic Earthquakes!

That is the conclusion of a team of international scientists documented in their December 2016 book: "Upheaval! - Why Catastrophic Earthquakes Will Soon Strike the United States."

Read about the book and glowing reader comments at