Though time and print space does not permit us a more thorough analysis of the report and its included research, here are just a few of the obvious flaws we saw in this particular report: 

1.    NOAA makes it clear that it remains one of the US government’s primary supporters of the failed greenhouse gas theory linked to mankind’s industrial gas emissions, as they summarize in this report:

…”scientists expect that GMSL (global mean sea level) will continue to rise throughout the 21st century and beyond, because of global warming that has already occurred and warming that is yet to occur due to the still-uncertain level of future emissions.”

 This persistent politically motivated climate science flies in the face of far more reliable climate models based on natural and Sun-driven climate cycles (e.g. the Relational Cycle Theory). Further, those like us who oppose the manmade global warming theory, do so in large part because it routinely fails to deliver on its predictions for global temperature predictions which in turn determine sea level increases.  It just doesn’t work!

2.    The rate of sea level rise predicted by NOAA is far in excess by at least 200%, of some of the worst case sea level rise our planet has ever seen. The NOAA report forecasts the planet’s sea levels will continue to rise at 3mm/year and more, reaching 2.5 m by 2100. This is an astounding forecast given that the largest sea level rise observed during the rapid rise out of the last global ice age some 11,000 years ago saw only 10 mm/year. Even using this past worst case sea level rise under the extreme climate forcings of that epoch that clearly do not exist today, the rise by the year 2100 will be no more than 20 cm (or 5 cm with a deviation of +/- 15 cm). This realistic prediction is nowhere near the 2.5 m (~8 feet) predicted by NOAA scientists. Dr. Morner’s previous review of this level of sea level prediction for other similar reports is: 

                              “Even a rise in the order of 2 to 5 m by year 2100 has been claimed. We may ask what
              such figures really imply with respect to proper scientific knowledge, facts recorded in nature
              and physical laws. The answer is simple; such an enormous rate of sea level changes and any
              amount exceeding 1 m in a century, represent nothing but unscientific nonsense that does not
              concur with observational facts, accumulated knowledge through centuries and physical laws.”


3.       The NOAA report still uses un-validated and inaccurate satellite measurements of sea level rise which have been shown to be widely divergent from the ‘gold standard’ tidal gauges around the world. Dr. Morner’s compilation of 184 tidal gauge measurements spread across the planet, since the year 1900, shows the real rate of sea level rise throughout the period of mankind’s industrial activity of the 20th century has been a meager GMSL rise of only +/- 0.0 and 1.0 mm/yr, or zero to 10 cm (4 inches per century)! 

Despite this real gold standard rate for sea level rise, the NOAA satellite rate used in the report for their year 2100 projections of 3mm/yr, or a minimum 0.3 m per century is an amazing 300 percent faster rate of sea level rise from what actually been measured by tidal gauges throughout the industrial age!