1.       As the next cold climate descends with potentially deadly force over the next two 11 year solar cycles (approximately 30 years), the oceans will start to cool and then shrink. The North Atlantic Ocean, for example is already in the midst of the fastest drop in temperatures we have ever directly measured. I believe that by 2031 we may well experience sea level declines bringing us back to the level we had during the early 1800’s. My calculations suggest that no later than the end of 2020, the start of a global drop in sea levels measured by tidal gauges, will be observed.

2.       The solar cycles that drive climate variation on Earth will continue their natural course providing only a modest warm period again, starting in the 2040’s thru the 2080’s and concurrent new rise in sea levels, though not reaching current levels. This natural warm period will be somewhat colder and nowhere near the degree of warming we have just been through since 1998. The peak of global warming is now behind us, possibly for the next 400 years. It is now time for globally colder weather into the distant future.

In summary, the NOAA January 2017 report on the next seven decades of rising sea levels should be thrown out like so many past US government reports based on bad science, bad climate models and put together by politically correct science organizations.

President Trump should deal swiftly with this insulting report from the Department of Commerce and NOAA – yet another sign of how deep the spread of the fraud of manmade global warming has been within the US government and how corrupting it has become for our scientific community.

(Edited version as underlined, February 12, 2017)