Is Katla Ready to Erupt?

John L. Casey
July 31, 2017

Just over the North Atlantic Ocean from the United States lies a geophysical threat that may be close to unleashing hell on Earth. It is Iceland’s dangerous Katla volcano.

So why the current concern? The reasons are steeped in the history of activity of both Katla and its little sister volcano Eyjafjallajökull (“E” for short), and the start of our next climate change to decades of low solar activity and potentially record cold weather.

If you are unconcerned about the Katla volcano becoming active in Iceland, I will give you six good reasons in this commentary as to why we in the US and elsewhere around the planet, should have this one under close scrutiny.

Figure 1. Map of Iceland showing earthquakes on July 31, 2017. Small colored circles are less than M3.0 magnitude. The only quakes greater than M3.0 are marked by the green star – the location of Mt. Katla which is beneath the Myrdalsjokull glacier. Source: Icelandic Met Office.

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