NOAA Thumb’s Its Nose at President Trump
                               with New “hockey stick chart” for Sea Level Rise

January 26, 2017

By John L. Casey

and Dr. Nils Axel Morner

Despite President Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric about climate change (a.k.a. manmade global warming), calling it a “hoax,” and the obvious sign the President has sent by nominating Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt to take over the EPA, the leadership and scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have decided to ignore the President’s signals and in effect thumb their nose at him with their latest sea level rise prediction.

The report put out this January 2017 (NOAA Technical report NOC CO-OPS 083), was issued under the signature of the departing Department of Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker and NOAA Administrator Dr. Kathryn Sullivan. The report title is “GLOBAL AND REGIONAL SEA LEVEL RISE SCENARIOS FOR THE UNITED STATES.” 

The 75 page report has as a primary purpose, to continue the climate scare tactics of the Obama administration with a new prediction of worsening global sea level rise of up to 2.5 meters (8 feet 2in.) by the year 2100, an increase from their previous estimate of 2.0 meters (6 feet 7 in).

 Dr. Morner and I have reviewed the report and concluded that the NOAA report predictions for sea level increases are “preposterous!” We further believe this report should be immediately condemned by President Trump, his nominee for Department of Commerce Wilbur Ross, and whoever he is looking to as a needed replacement for Dr. Sullivan.

The report is so confounded by significant errors in science and methodology, that it should simply be discarded. It is apparently, another going away present for President Obama from NOAA, the once revered science agency that has come under repeated attack for data manipulation and pursuit of politically correct climate science at the expense of scientific integrity.  

Dr. Morner and I believe this latest report if nothing, but reinforces that perception of NOAA. 

For those of us who study climate change, and in particular the effects of climate and other forces on sea level rise, it is deeply disconcerting that our government continues to push such contrived reports of this type out the door of NOAA, creating an utterly false understanding of why sea levels rise and fall, much less the true status of sea level today and in the future.