The Global Cooling Awareness Project (GCAP)

Background. This program is similar to the Global Warming Petition Project of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM). It was started under the former Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) which was closed August 21, 2015 after accomplishing its multi-year mission of alerting the public, US and state governments of the need to prepare for the coming cold climate. Veritence Corporation has acquired the responsibility for continuing the GCAP.

The GCAP asks for endorsements of those science-degreed individuals who are convinced that we are heading into a new cold climate epoch and who have the desire to make their opinions known. It is also different from the Petition Project in that the GCAP is an international effort and not just a US focused project alone.

Now that global warming has ended and a new cold climate has begun, I believe all the world’s citizens will benefit by knowing of the many educated individuals with science degrees, or are otherwise general science, climate science and meteorologist professionals, who agree with this climate assessment.

The list will serve as a reference for the media, public, and elected leaders.

If you wish to sign on to the GCAP, simply send an email to with the following information:
Name, address, science or science related four year degree(s), years and institution(s) granting degrees, email address and phone number with the following included statement:

“ I, (Name) ,do hereby agree that the last planetary phase of global warming which was produced primarily by natural cycles may have ended, and that a long cold climate epoch is now likely.”

GCAP Information Security Provisions: Only the name, science degree, type, level (e.g. MS – Meteorology), institution granting each degree, and nationality of GCAP registrants will be made public. Veritence Corporation reserves the right to publish only this public information on its web site and provide this list to other professionals on a highly restricted basis. All other information provided will be kept confidential. All registrants are subject to verification prior to being listed on the official GCAP registry.

That’s all there is to it.

Thank You for submitting your information and joining the many professionals worldwide who wish to clearly state their beliefs about the Earth’s climate future.


John L. Casey
President, Veritence Corporation